Thief of Fire

If I put too much blood on the page...

It’s 5 a.m. and I can’t sleep

You ever miss someone so much that there’s an emptiness in your chest? You’re lying in bed, lights off, covers over your head trying to sleep and you think of them. You start to cringe, breathe deeply. You can’t help it, this feeling is physical.

A simple fleeting thought of them hurts. In your rib cage, your shoulder, right next to your heart, any place they used to rest their head.

I believe that this is your body feeling, with every breath, a loss that your mind still won’t accept.

And god, does it fucking hurt.

My favorite memories of Newport are the unexpected, unplanned moments, [like] when someone invited me to join them onstage, in the street or on a boat in the harbor or in the yard of some fucked up mansion early in the morning, or ringing church bells and wrestling wild boar in the chapel late at night, duets with the late great Whitney Houston, night swimming, howling in the streets, singing in the fort. It’s another world.

Jim James, who has played Newport numerous times with projects including My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk, in a rambling email

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Someday I will go to Newport! I bet there’s nothing quite like it.

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